Kav escort-20KV91

United Kingdom, 25 years old




  • Ref. 20KV91
  • Phone: 07423759202
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 5.73 FT / 172 CM
  • Weight: 165 LBS / 74.84 KG
  • Hair colour: Brown
  • Eyes colour: Blue
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Location: Nottingham/London
  • Looking to Escort: Female / Couple


I am a warm, happy and welcoming 25 year old male escort who loves to share positive energy and make sure my aura rubs off on other people! I am lucky enough to have been blessed with good looks and athleticism, as well as intelligence! So you’re not just limited to a bit of eye candy, but you have someone you can have deep, interesting conversations with. Naturally I’m very inquisitive, and love to learn about other peoples backgrounds, cultures and languages. Always happy to learn! Whatever it may be. Being as laid back as I am, you will never feel any discomfort or awkwardness with me, I’ll make sure of that! I am a masculine man, enough so that you feel protected and cared for when we’re together, but in touch with my feminine side enough to allow you to relax, enjoy yourself and really be yourself around me, whatever the situation! Sensuality is very important to me, I’m a very sensual person and love to please women with this trait. I am very good with my hands, and love using them! You’ll have a hard time finding a better full body massage! I know exactly how to cover your body in Goosebumps, and really get your brain fuzzing. Although I am into sensuality, I can be whatever you want me to be, I’m adaptable to whatever you desire! No roll is too big or too small for me to commit to for you! Naturally, I am also a very affectionate guy who loves nothing more than passionate kisses, as well as cuddles and just general physical touch, I find it rewarding to satisfy a woman in this way. Really curious and looking forward to hearing your requests!