John escort-544MT913

British, 39 years old




  • Ref. 544MT913
  • Phone: 0741 7552 450
  • Age: 39
  • Height: 5.90 FT / 177 CM
  • Weight: 161 LBS / 73.03 KG
  • Hair colour: Brown white flecks
  • Eyes colour: Blue
  • Origin: British
  • Location: London
  • Looking to Escort: Male / Female / Couple


Elegant, charismatic, empathetic and attentive. I am your premier choice for an unforgettable experience as your male escort. With a blend of sophistication and genuine warmth, I offer more than just companionship; I provide an escape into a world of excitement and intimacy.

Why Choose Me?

. Charm and Charisma: With a natural ability to connect and engage, I effortlessly create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for any occasion.

. Discretion: Your privacy is paramount. I understand the importance of discretion and maintain the utmost confidentiality in all interactions.

. Versatility: Whether it’s accompanying your clients to social events, intimate dinners, or a quiet night in, I adapt seamlessly to any environment, ensuring their satisfaction.

. Attentiveness: Your clients desires are my priority. I listen attentively to their needs and preferences, ensuring each encounter is tailored to exceed your expectations.

. Professionalism: I approach every engagement with professionalism and respect. You can trust in my reliability and integrity at all times.

. Skilled in the Erotic Arts:  I am skilled practitioner of Tantra, BDSM and Sexual Alchemy with over 10 years experience in all 3 fields.

. Memorable Experiences: From stimulating conversation to passionate moments, I create memories that linger long after our time together has ended.

Your Exclusive Companion