Ceejay Escort-577CJ32

Black Caribbean, 35 years old

East London



  • Ref. 577CJ32
  • Phone: 07432655849
  • Age: 35
  • Height: 6.17 FT / 185 CM
  • Weight: 133 LBS / 60.33 KG
  • Hair colour: Bald
  • Eyes colour: Dark brown
  • Origin: Black Caribbean
  • Location: East London
  • Looking to Escort: Female / Couple


  • About me Hey Ladies Ceejay male escort here, looking forward to meeting some of you…In the field of companionship Escorting I am very well established and experienced. Straight Guy, open to female singles and couples, (girl/girl couples)…East London based… Born & Raised…Big fan of Sports & Fitness, Art Galleries,  Restaurants, sporting events and Theatre (usually musicals or small production shows)…Hygiene is top tier for me, for myself and from the client. Smelling good is usually a “winner” in and around women lol…”Cuddle me long enough, you might end up smelling of me” loolI only make my best efforts to look good for you. I am very flexible with attire, providing you let me know of the occasion, i could then accommodate and dress accordingly. Women 27 – 60 years old are more then welcome to my service…I am a non smoker, but enjoy vaping and shisha. I drink occasionally, usually in social settings and may even challenge you to a couple of shorts, for bants and good times ha Connection and good vibes are key for both of us to enjoy each other’s company. I am open to a short “chemistry call” to help break the ice but also work out what service best suits you and then make arrangements. (No withheld or private numbers will be accepted or answered to, “Chemistry Calls” do come with a small fee)….Current Services Available: Oct 2022 – Feb 2023
    ○ Home Visits (3 hour Min Booking)
    ○ Breakfast/ Brunch Dates/Parties
    ○ Dinner Dates/Parties
    ○ Shopping Companion (4 hour Min booking)
    ○ London Day/Weekend Tour
    (finest restaurants, exclusive clubs, art galleries and museums, etc)
    ○ Bachelorette Party Companion
    ○ Spa Day (4 hour Min booking)If any of my services suit your needs and requirements or you may have questions of other services outside of the list above, please feel free to get in touch and ask. Lets share 30 minutes of a “Chemistry Call” to discover our vibe and connection…